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Rashidul Islam is a lifelong Democrat residing in Cary, North Carolina.


During the 2020 election, he served as the North Carolina State Director for Bangladeshis for Biden National Council. As a State Director, he developed the "High-Level Playbook for Organizing Grassroots Volunteers for Biden Campaign," which documents the strategies for volunteer recruitment and highlights the attributes of the success factors of a successful campaign.

Rashidul currently serves on the Board of Directors of Asian Pacific Islander Outreach (APIO). and as State Executive Member (SEC) of North Carolina Democratic Party for many terms.  APIO promotes the enfranchisement and participation of Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Rashidul has also been instrumental in moving forward the agenda for revitalizing the identity of the North Carolina Democratic Party. He has previously hosted Candidate forum meetings for Congressional and otherDemocratic candidates.


Rashidul has extensive experience in technical leadership in software development, Customer Quality Engineering, and efficiency enhancement, and is presently employed at one of the largest computer conglomerate companies in the world.

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