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Dr. Ravi Chaudhary hails from Springfield, Virginia.  He is a former Air Force Officer, Presidential Appointee, and member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) at USDOT.  Notably, he served in the Obama/Biden Administration on the President’s Advisory Commission on AAPIs, where he developed support strategies for AAPI Veterans and Military Families.  Ravi joined the Biden Campaign as a volunteer in September of 2019 and played a key role in organizing and launching South Asians for Biden.  He also served on Vice President Biden’s Campaign Task Force for Veterans, where he launched the group, AAPI Veterans for Biden.  In May of 2020, Chaudhary was elected as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, representing Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.  Dr. Chaudhary then joined the Biden-Harris Campaign full-time and served as Deputy Director of Coalitions, leading both the AAPI and Veterans portfolios in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Chaudhary has completed a distinguished career in the U.S. Military, and is a decorated combat Veteran who has deployed to Iraq and flew critical combat missions in Afghanistan after 9/11.  Dr. Chaudhary holds engineering and liberal arts degrees from the Air Force Academy, St. Mary’s University, and Georgetown University.  He is an engineer and former Air Force pilot with over 3000 hours of flight time, including 750 hours of combat time.