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South Asians for America (SAFA) seeks to endorse, support and elect candidates who reflect SAFA’s values. Through its endorsement, SAFA will provide resources, training, referrals, mentorship, and access to deep national networks.




  • Meet the criteria of the eligibility for the desired position in the United States

  • Candidates have demonstrated a strong commitment to advocating for the interests of, and issues pertaining to, the South Asian community in the city/state/district of their candidacy

  • Candidates have demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the roles and positions they hold or have held previously

  • Candidates have not engaged in harassment of any kind, including verbal, physical and/or sexual harassment

  • Candidates have run a fair campaign 

  • Candidates have complied with  all applicable ethics and campaign finance rules 




  • The Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire is reviewed by SAFA’s Candidate Endorsement Committee.

  • The Candidate Endorsement Committee reviews the following additional sources of information when reviewing the application (if applicable)

                    Campaign Website

                    Social Media Footprint

                    Media Coverage

                    Online, Radio, Television Ads

                    Other Candidate Endorsements

                    Candidate speeches/Debates

                    Online Candidate Forums

  • The Candidate Endorsement Committee will schedule and conduct interviews of the candidates with 2-3 Committee members

  • The Candidate Endorsement Committee will recommend endorsement to the Board of Directors and will inform candidates once an endorsement is approved.

  • Once approved, the endorsement is shared on SAFA’s Website and through a press release.