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Maliha Williamson is a passionate activist who served as a lead volunteer organizer in Vice President Kamala Harris' Presidential Campaign 

in California in 2019. Since then, Maliha has continued to support candidates in local races, with a special interest towards supporting women and people of color candidates run for office.


Maliha is active in local politics, serving as an elected Assembly District Delegate in the California Democratic Party, and as Executive Board member at the Democrats of Southwest Riverside County. Additionally, Maliha serves as Legislative Chair at Riverside County National Organization of Women Chapter and is also the newly elected President-elect of the chapter.

Professionally, Maliha Williamson is a Chemical Engineer who works as a Senior Technical Sales Engineer at Heatcraft Refrigeration.

Maliha is a proud Pakistani American immigrant who holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from San Jose State University.

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