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Aseem Chipalkatti is a recent law grad and South Asian community organizer who is proud to be a part of the SAFA team and helping make sure its work gets done. He joins SAFA after spending time with South Asians for Biden as its Data Manager. Aseem also is the co-founder and immediate past Board President of South Asian Americans for Washington (, which advocates for South Asian civic education, engagement, and empowerment in his home of Washington State. Within the realm of law and policy, Aseem is working towards a career in affirmative litigation, with a focus on ensuring the rights of those traditionally and historically marginalized in this country. Before law school, Aseem was a political and communications consultant, and has worked on elections in Philadelphia, Sacramento, and the Greater Seattle Area. As a Venture for America alumnus, Aseem has worked for startups in both Philadelphia and St. Louis (both of which will always hold a special place in his heart). He received a BA from Claremont McKenna College in 2015, and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2021. He has yet to meet a pani puri that didn’t live up to expectations.

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