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Jayant Singh is an undergraduate student at Georgia State University pursuing a degree in Political Science, with aspirations to attend law school to further his studies. With a strong passion for politics, Jayant has dedicated his time to working on legislation and policy.


He has has gained valuable experience as a legislative assistant for the Georgia House of Representatives, where he conducted a number of legislative tasks, gaining insights into the inner workings of the political system. Furthermore, he serves on the Board of Director's for the Young Democrats of Georgia, where he has been instrumental in shaping the direction of the organization.


Jayant's dedication to making a difference is evident through his involvement in the 2022 election cycle, where he worked tirelessly to ensure that candidates such as, U.S. Senator Warnock, was successful in his campaign efforts against his opponent Herschel Walker. His commitment to serving those in need is a reflection of his character, and he is driven to make a greater impact for the State of Georgia and society at large.


With his passion for politics, dedication to serving his community, and wealth of experience in legislative affairs, Jayant Singh is a promising young leader who is sure to make an impact in the world of politics and beyond.

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