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Susmita Saha became the Vice Chair of AAPI Colorado Democrats in 2019 and is an active advocate for the AAPI community.  She also serves on the AAPI Executive Council for Senator Hickenlooper.


Susmita had the pleasure of being interviewed as the Vice Chair on Colorado's NPR station on the significance of the victory of  President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, where she expressed her excitement and pride of this momentous occasion which will timestamp history. 


During the presidential campaign, Susmita wrote an editorial supporting less stringent immigration policy on work visas which was published in the Aurora Sentinel. In addition, Susmita was selected by the Biden campaign to serve as the Chair for Colorado AAPI for Biden.  There, she worked closely with the national AAPI for Biden campaign manager to engage the Colorado AAPI community. She coordinated events with the Colorado Women for Biden Team, including bringing AAPI speakers to joint events.


Additionally, as an educator in  2013, she testified in the Ohio State Legislature to advocate for a bill she co-wrote concerning veteran students.

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