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In 2023, critical elections were held in multiple states, including gubernatorial and state legislative elections, as well as numerous citizens initiatives, mayoral races and elections for a variety of other local offices, with legislative elections held for both houses in Kentucky, Louisiana, Virginia and New Jersey.

SAFA focused our organizing efforts on turning out the AAPI and South Asian vote for state legislature and local races in Virginia and New Jersey, as well as for specific races in New Hampshire & Florida, and for the Ballot Initiative Issue 1 in Ohio. SAFA partnered with more than 15 coalition groups nationwide - including Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia, Virginia Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus Fund, Sister District Project, Freedom Virginia, Blue Wave Postcard Movement, New Jersey Democrats South Asian American Caucus, New Jersey Young Democrats, New Hampshire AAPI Democrats, Florida High School Democrats, OPAWL, Target Ohio & Vote Riders - to organize  phonebanks, text banks, canvasses, postcard campaigns, and GOTV rallies and to help translate voter outreach and education materials into South Asian languages. 

Our collective efforts helped Democrats retain majority in the Virginia State Senate and flip Virginia House blue; helped pass Issue 1 in Ohio protecting reproductive rights; and expand the Democratic majority in New Jersey State Legislature, among other successes at the polls. Scroll through the posts below for a visual snapshot of our organizing efforts in the different states.

VIRGINIA (3).png
Copy of Copy of VIRGINIA.png
Copy of Copy of Textbank to AAPI Voters in Ohio.png
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