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Dr. Kunnel came from humble beginnings in India, grew up in a loving family with three older brothers. She lives by the values her parents instilled: never stop fighting for what’s right, serve others with humility, always be grateful, and become an advocate for the less fortunate. In the mid-1990s, she immigrated to the United States to pursue graduate school and became a citizen. 

Recently, she received a J.D. from the University of Nevada, Boyd School of Law. Before law school, she was a tenured Associate Professor and a Scientist at the University of Mississippi Medical School and Tulane Health Science Center.

Radhika received a Ph.D. in Cancer and Microbiology from Louisiana State University Health Science Center and a Post-doctoral fellowship in adult stem cell biology and regenerative medicine from Tulane University of Health Sciences. Also, she has two Masters in the field of Microbiology/Biotechnology and certification in business administration. 


Radhika advocates for victims of domestic violence and child abuse, and also served as a Sunday school teacher. She has been active in the local Democratic clubs in the past decade and a graduate of Emerge Nevada, Class of 2020. Before moving to Nevada, she served as a principal investigator on research grants from the National Institute of Health Sciences and a grant reviewer for the National Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, and other national and international organizations.


In 2020, she was the first South Asian to win in competitive primaries in a crowded field. She is working on putting together a South Asian Caucus in Nevada.

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