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Rajesh Kurup is a Strategy Director at UPS Capital responsible for strategic financial analysis.  His work uses financial analysis to help drive the company’s strategy.  Prior to his role in Strategy, Rajesh was responsible for Forecasting, Planning and Analysis for UPS Capital.  Rajesh has also worked at Citibank, Bank of America and S1 Technologies.

Rajesh was born in Allentown, PA and grew up in Richmond, Va.  Rajesh graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in Asian Studies and from Emory University with an MBA. 

Rajesh has been a foot soldier in grassroots politics for more than 30 years.  He has knocked on countless doors and made thousands of calls from Virginia to New York to Georgia.  He has served as a poll watcher and has registered voters from Jackson Heights, Queens to Atlanta.  Rajesh has been involved in Indian community organizations such as the founding the Puja Group of Atlanta, working with Raksha, and co-chair for UPS’s Asian Business Resource Group.

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