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Reena Maheshwari was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, is Indian-American, and has been active in the MN Indian community since childhood through both work and volunteer efforts. She runs a business, Kahani Events & Design, serving primarily multicultural and South Asian couples and helping them navigate wedding planning, and also has recently started Colorful Weddings - an advocacy initiative, networking group, and listing site for BIPOC and/or culturally specific wedding vendors. 


Reena's main background has been in the business & design world, but she has always been passionate about community advocacy, and through her previous work with SEWA-AIFW (a local non-profit serving South Asians) - she understands the many needs and concerns facing the South Asian community. She became involved with phone-banking, voter registration, and related work through SEWA-AIFW, and during the last election cycle volunteered with various groups including SAFA to find volunteers, spread the message, phone bank, etc.


During these COVID times, Reena misses traveling the most, but does find time to escape into the various realms of fantasy films on Netflix/Prime/etc. She and her husband have also been tackling various home improvement projects - from basement flooring to outdoor landscaping!

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