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Deepa Sharma is an experienced public agency lawyer with a passion for public service.  As an attorney, she provides advice to agency staff and officials on all matters facing public entities, including on cutting-edge constitutional law and land use issues, as well as affordable housing matters.  In addition to providing advice and counsel, Ms. Sharma is a skilled litigator, and has secured numerous victories for her clients in the courtroom.  In 2020, she served as the Communications Co-Chair for South Asians for Biden, where she crafted strategy and messaging to mobilize the South Asian community to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. 


Since 2011, Ms. Sharma has served on the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party's Asian/ Pacific Islander Caucus, where she aids the Party's efforts to reach out to voters and increase the numbers of APIs running for office.  She has also served as policy aide in the California State Legislature where she helped pass legislation and built coalitions around the members' legislative priorities.  


A proud Californian, Ms. Sharma was inspired to enter the political arena to encourage voter participation and increase representation for women and communities of color in the decision-making process.  

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